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Our role as event professionals is to create experiences steeped in trust, where our audiences feel their participation in our event was the best use of their time and financial investment and our stakeholders see the value from investing in worthwhile events. This requires our event designs to bring out the best in human nature by making intentional decisions based on the knowledge available about our participants and their needs. Deeply understanding how human beings respond in live event environments is our new currency.

The seven intentions include developing stronger event processes, understanding how to make the most of the available technology and data including digital marketing, designing to optimize the experience through immersive, brain-friendly design, and creating sustainable, wellness-driven events.

At the end of this book, any event professional will have a deep range of new ideas and applicable tools to drive stronger, measurable results.

About the Author

This is Tahira

A curator of education for the event industry and unapologetically curious learner, she entered the industry three decades ago with diplomas in event management and adult education and recently added a MSc in Creativity and Change Leadership. Tahira has designed human experiences on three continents (so far), delivering hundreds of events, with dozens of amazing teams and thousands of transformed guests later, she remains passionate about the possibilities when we create people-centric and purpose-driven events. An instructor of Sustainable Event Operations, industry speaker, writer and author, she loves learning and equally sharing knowledge and ideas. Work and play are intertwined and her family and friends know she is willing to dive into an experience anywhere in the world. A collector of friends, there is always a good reason to connect, celebrate, and share anything with bubbles.


What They're Saying

"Smart. Entertaining. Phenomenal Resource. And that's just the author herself! Congratulations Tahira, on publishing your expertise for the world's enrichment. Event Marketers - this book is a must-have for your office collection"

Lynn Stadler Randall Senior Solutions Strategist, InVision Communications

"There are a lot of crap books about events. Books that tell you how to be better at to do lists. Attendees want more. They need event strategists, not bullet list executioners. Get Tahira's new book if you want to take the red pill and see what events should really be about."

Julius Solaris Event Manager Blog

"This book is like a well designed event, your entering behavior will positively mutate, like when visiting a circus tent, after reading it."

Angeles Moreno Founder, The Creative Dots and President, MPI Spain

"This book brings a new level of engagement and sophistication to the event industry. Tahira takes the logistics and tactics of event planning and event technology and helps readers understand when and where to use them to create more purposeful experiences for their attendees."

Liz Lathan Program Director, IBM Analytics & Hybrid Cloud Marketing Events

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